Collagen 300g

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Protection and regeneration of the musculoskeletal system.

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Hydrolyzed collagen protein with high bioavailability. The product is easily absorbed. It contains polyamino acids, oligopeptides, collagen polypeptides and as many as 18 amino acids (including the significant level of proline and lysine important for the biosynthesis of its own collagen).  It’s used in the prevention of the skeletal system (supports the endurance and elasticity of connective tissue, tendons and joints). It improves the appearance of the skin, fur and hoof horn. It helps to maintain the proper water management of the body (connective tissues).

The 300g package is enough for 37 days.

The 800g package is enough for 100 days.

 – during convalescence after injuries and operations of the musculoskeletal system.
Sport – protection and regeneration of the movement apparatus.
Senior – joints and muscles stiffness, reduced joints mobility. A young horse – applying during intensive growth will enable the proper functioning of the movement apparatus at a later age.
Hooves – in case of problems with brittle, cracking hoof horn.


Data sheet

100% kolagen hydrolizowany
Składniki analityczne/100g:
Zawartość poszczególnych aminokwasów %:

Specific References


Konie (500 kg m.c.): 2 miarki

Kuce: 1 miarka

W przypadku zwiększonego zapotrzebowania dawkę można zwiększyć do ilości:

2g/50kg mc. konia

Miarka dołączona do opakowania zawiera 4g produktu (wartość orientacyjna).

Porada: zaleca się stosować w połączeniu z witaminą C, która jest niezbędna w biosyntezie kolagenu.

Sposób podania: wymieszać z paszą treściwą.



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Collagen 300g

Protection and regeneration of the musculoskeletal system.

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Collagen 300g