HorseLinePRO Muscle Maker 1050g DOPING FREE!


Development of strong and healthy muscles - doping free.

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Muscle Maker DOPING FREE - a supplement for muscle building and strengthening in horses, without doping

MuscleMaker is a multi-ingredient supplement that supports the rapid development of healthy and strong muscles. It significantly strengthens muscles, accelerates recovery after exertion, and prevents stiffness by improving the breakdown of lactic acid.

The unique composition of easily absorbable ingredients, combined with appropriate training, allows for very good supplementation results in a short time. The substances responsible for the effectiveness of the preparation are:

  • Spirulina - easily absorbed protein that stimulates muscle tissue growth, reduces fatigue, and speeds up recovery.
  • Whey protein - contains a full amino acid profile (including BCAAs), actively supports muscle mass growth, and prevents muscle breakdown.
  • Vitamin E - one of the strongest antioxidants; its deficiency affects the development of pathological changes in skeletal muscles.
  • Vitamin C - essential for the activation of many physiological processes; its levels decrease with increased physical activity intensity.

    Recommended for:

    • Young horses
    • Being reintroduced to work after a break
    • Performance horses
    • Horses with weak back and hindquarter muscles
    • After back injections
    • Suffering from various back problems

    Regular supplementation and proper training are key to building strong back and hindquarter muscles. Healthy musculature helps alleviate strain on other parts of the musculoskeletal system and directly improves work comfort. 

    Package of 1050g is sufficient for 30 days of daily supplementation.


    Data sheet

    Spirulina, whey protein powder, vitamin E, feed-grade silicon dioxide, extract from wild rose fruit (natural source of vitamin C)
    Składniki analityczne/100g:
    Białko/Crude protein: 81,1% Włókno/Fibre: 3,4 % Popiół surowy/Crude ash: 5,19 % Wilgotność/Moisture: 20,5 % Tłuszcze/Fat content: 10,2 %

    Specific References


    Horses (550 kg b.w.): 6 scoops

    Ponies: 3 scoops

    The scoop included in the packaging contains 6g of the product (approximate value).

    Method of administration: mix with concentrated feed.


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    HorseLinePRO Muscle Maker 1050g DOPING FREE!

    Development of strong and healthy muscles - doping free.

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