ChondroProtect 900g

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Healthy and stronyg joints and tendoms.

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ChondroProtect supply the articular cartilage with all necessary nutrients increases its resistance to microinjuries. The product is dedicated to young horses being in the period of growth, adults and older or after injuries. The product is especially recommended for sport horses whose joints and ligaments are subjected to heavy overloads and are subject to faster degradation.

A successive way to nourish the joints. Action of the active substances of the preparation are clinically proven.

The package is enough for 30 days.

Use when Your horse:

  • has stiffness in the joints and muscles
  • in the initial phase of the workout you can observe a lack of spaciousness in the movement
  • during the walk you can hear characteristic “shooting” in the joints
  • his movement apparatus is subjected to heavy loads – competitions, training
  • is in the process of convalescence or after injury
  • it is implemented for work, for example, the pre training or returning after a break


Data sheet

chlorowodorek glukozaminy, Boswellia Serrata extract, MSM(metylosulfonylometan), siarczan chondroityny, ekstrakt z owocu dzikiej róży
Składniki analityczne/100g:
Białko/Crude protein: 8,7% Włókno/Fibre: poniżej 0,2% Popiół całkowity/Total ash: 9,6% Wilgotność/Moisture: 19,3% Tłuszcze/Fat content: 0,8%

Specific References


Konie ok. 550kg m.c.: 4 miarki  

Konie 600kg m.c. i powyżej: 5 miarek

Kuce: 2 miarki

Miarka w opakowaniu

Sposób podania: wymieszać z paszą treściwą

Miarka dołączona do opakowania zawiera 7g produktu (wartość orientacyjna).

Produkt wolny od dopingu!



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ChondroProtect 900g

Healthy and stronyg joints and tendoms.

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ChondroProtect 900g