ChillOut 720g


Calm and concentrated sport horses.

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A feed mix designed for nervous, over-excited, and easily agitated horses. Without causing drowsiness, it helps alleviate tension and achieve mental concentration and balance in stressful situations (competitions, transportation, stable changes) and during daily work.

L-tryptophan is a crucial exogenous amino acid necessary for synthesizing the happiness hormone - serotonin. The addition of magnesium and melissa reduces nervous and muscular tension. Vitamin B1 influences the proper functioning of the nervous system and improves psychoemotional state. Due to its calming effect, the supplement is also suitable for horses with limited movement due to health reasons or those reintegrating into work after a break (rehabilitation period).


  • Significantly reduces nervous and muscular tension
  • Helps achieve concentration in stressful situations
  • Improves the functioning of the nervous system

Data sheet

Magnesium diglycinate, L-tryptophan, Vitamin B1, Lemon Balm (Melissa)
Składniki analityczne/100g:
Białko 72,1% Włókno poniżej 0,2% Popiół całkowity 8,16% Wilgotność 4,5% Tłuszcze 0,1%

Specific References


Horses (approximately 550 kg b.w.): 4 scoops

Ponies: 2 scoops

Recommendations: Administer approximately 60-90 minutes before riding.

In cases of high stress exposure, the recommended dosage can be increased to:

Horses (approximately 550 kg b.w.): 5-6 scoops

Ponies: 3 scoops

Administration method: Mix with concentrated feed.

Form: Powder

Scoop included in the packaging. One scoop contains approximately 6 of the product.

Advice: To achieve optimal results, start supplementation 3-4 days before stressful events.



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ChillOut 720g

Calm and concentrated sport horses.

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ChillOut 720g