Hemp Oil 2000 ml


Hemp oli for horses

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Hemp Oil - hemp oil for horses

A blend of unrefined, cold-pressed oils - flaxseed and hemp. The product provides a source of unsaturated omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in beneficial proportions for horses and contains natural antioxidants. Regular use improves the quality of hooves, coat, and skin - especially dedicated to horses suffering from eczema. It supports the proper functioning of the immune, cardiovascular, and digestive systems, and additionally helps reduce stress reactions. In the case of intensively trained horses, it is a source of easily absorbable, slowly released energy (increasing endurance during training)

Hemp Oil is dedicated to:

  • recreational horses
  • sport horses
  • older horses
  • breeding stallions (especially during breeding season)
  • horses with metabolic and skin issues, with ulcer disease, sensitive to starch in concentrated feed, post colic surgery

The benefits of regular use of hemp and flaxseed oil in horses' diet:

  • Rich source of omega-3, 6, and 9 fatty acids in the proper proportions
  • Improvement in coat condition, skin, and hoof horn
  • Strengthening of immunity
  • Increase in tissue flexibility
  • Improvement in joint function
  • Increase in bone density
  • Favorable effect on the cardiovascular system
  • Reduction in stress reactions
  • Increase in endurance during prolonged physical exertion
  • Easily absorbable source of slow-release energy
  • Increase in body mass (dedicated to horses prone to weight loss)
  • Improvement in overall muscle mass condition (also reduction in muscle soreness)
  • Natural antioxidant - helps combat oxidative stress
  • Beneficial effect on the digestive system - recent studies have shown that hemp seed oil limits the growth of pathogenic intestinal bacteria without inhibiting the development of probiotic strains

Data sheet

linseed oil, hemp oil
Składniki analityczne/100g:
Tłuszcze 99,94%

Specific References


Recreational horses (approx. 550 kg b.w.) - light work: 30-50 ml

Sport horses (approx. 550 kg b.w.) - heavy work: 40-70 ml

Stallions for breeding: 50-100 ml

Ponies: 20-35 ml

Sport ponies: 30-45 ml

Form: oil

Method of administration: mix with concentrated feed

Recommendations: Supplementation should start with 15 ml per day and gradually increase the dose by 5 ml every few days. If the daily dose of the preparation is at the upper limit of the recommended dose, it is recommended to divide it into several meals per day.

Do not exceed 100 ml per 100 kg b.w. of the horse!


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Hemp Oil 2000 ml

Hemp oli for horses

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Hemp Oil 2000 ml