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HorseLinePRO Respirol 1200g + shaker


Respiratory system support

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Respirol + shaker - respiratory system support

A 100% natural dietary supplement effectively neutralizing mold spores and toxic by-products of bacterial metabolism, which are one of the most common causes of respiratory system failure in stable-kept horses.

Respirol actively binds mycotoxin spores from the horse's immediate environment (bedding, feed), thereby inhibiting the development of respiratory disorders. The supplement supports the condition and performance of working horses as well as the productivity of breeding mares. The effectiveness of the supplement has been confirmed in in vivo and in vitro studies.

Comes with the HorseLine Shaker!

Use the HorseLine Shaker to thoroughly mix HorseLine Respirol with water for easy administration.

The 1200g package is sufficient for 60 days.


Data sheet

Purified and activated aluminosilicate, derivatives of yeast cell walls, phytochemicals
Składniki analityczne/100g:
Lizyna 0,26%, Metionina 0,05%, Ca 2,5%, P 0,15%, Na 0,1%, Mg 0,48, Popiół 60%

Specific References


Horses: 4 scoops

The scoop provided in the packaging contains 5g of the product (approximate value).

Administration method: The supplement can be administered without water (dry) after mixing with concentrated feed.


Pour 300 ml of cold or warm water into the HorseLine Temptation Shaker (½ of the shaker's volume). Then add the measured amount of the supplement and shake vigorously (approx. 20 sec). Use the obtained solution to moisten concentrated feed or pour into a watering can, top up with 2 liters of fresh, cold water, and then dampen the roughage and bedding. The supplement can also be administered without water (dry) after mixing with concentrated feed.


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HorseLinePRO Respirol 1200g + shaker

Respiratory system support

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HorseLinePRO Respirol 1200g...

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